Mini Poodles are here.       Idajewels Crystal and IdaJewels Top Shelf Mister Right 

MOM                                                                                                                                     DAD


Born December 18, 2023     7 puppies     Health Certificate Ready to go!  

AKC Tri Male  Clear IVDD/CDDY                                 Unshaved Face                                                                        Face Shaved


AKC Dark Red Male 1 Copy IVDD/CDDY  Health Certificate Ready to go!

Born December 18, 2023                                          Unshaved Face       9 Weeks old

Face Shaved



AKC Light Red Male     1 copy IVDD/CDDY   Health Certificate Ready to go!

Born December 18, 2023     9 weeks old

Female number 3 Born December 18, 2023     9 weeks old Ready to go!

Female Mostly Black; Born December 18, 2023 Ready to go!      9 weeks old

These are from last litter; Same Parents: Born April 18, 2023       Red/apricot female  Clear of CDDY/IVDD (pawprint tested) this little girl is so loving, happy to sit with you anytime. 7/21 weighed 4.5 #s I kept this female.  She is sweet and doing great!


Sold Tri Male 7-25-2023


This AKC TRi little girl is very sweet, pet/companion. 7/21 weighted 6 #s



No cockapoo puppies at this time.  Past puppies.




Male Chocolate merle     SOLD

Fun Picture



Male Goldy (nickname) I predict this male will be like mom, 15 pounds,  long and thin. He is slightly taller then his siblings.  SOLD  



Below:  Available with lots personality A Dark Blue merle with white chest.    Very wavy pretty girl. 

5-21-22   weighs 1.5 #                                                 Below: At 4 months old